Scripting Gallery

Batch Photoshop Gallery Generator

Scripting Gallery


Scripting Gallery is a lightweight and easy to use script (written in VBScript) for Photoshop, automating task of preparing images for publication them in (web-)gallery. Tell me more...

Who might find this script useful?

  • Web-designers who want to automate the time-consuming process of creating images for galleries on their web-sites.
  • Anyone who want to automate the process of adding watermark, logo or copyright sign on their images (whether it whould be document scans or photos).
  • Photoshop enthusiasts who explore the endless scripting abilities of their favorite graphical editor.
  • 1. Download and launch 1

    Download and launch Download the latest English or Russian version of Scripting Gallery from SourceForge and launch .vbs-file

  • 2. Configure script settings 2

    Configure script settings Specify the folder with images to process and configure the rest of settings at runtime (or through source code on step 1)

  • 3. Just wait... 3

    Just wait... Wait until Photoshop finishes processing your images

  • 4. Finish! 4

    Finish! Enjoy your nicely arranged images ready for publication in web-gallery or for whatever you whant to do with them;)